“Photo Tag” is a game of sorts, where one person takes a picture of a location with their motorcycle, and you have to figure out where that location is, ride out there and take a picture of the same location with your motorcycle.  Then you get to pick the next location to tag.  Since these posting of pictures and communications with a community of riders needs to happen online, they are normally part of a community forum.  These are also done by some motorcycling clubs, and used to use actual photos and bulletin boards.  Here’s an example:


Another forum member posted the below picture and gave a slight “hint” of the location:

Photo Tag Example 1

I rode out to where I thought the location was, found it, and took a pic of my bike at the tag spot, in roughly the same orientation and “tagged” their photo:

Tag1 tagged


The ultimate goal of “Photo Tag” is simply to encourage folks to get out and ride, and have a bit of fun.  However, there are some nuanced goals as well, and a great tag will have most of these qualities:

  • A great photo in itself, of your bike, and the location
  • A location which is interesting in some way (historical, beautiful, area of interest, etc…)
  • The ride to get to the location should be fun and interesting
  • The tag location should be within the mileage boundaries set by the organizer
  • You shouldn’t have to do anything too illegal to get the tag (minor trespassing is allowed)
  • The tag shouldn’t be too difficult to locate.  (It’s not so much “hide and seek”, as it is “go check out this cool road/destination”)
  • The tag and/or tagged picture needs to be current.  (if you just happen to have a picture of your bike at the tag location from a previous time, it would be cheating to re-use that.  Similarly, you should not post a tag picture from your archives, as the location and or road conditions to get there could have changed significantly since your old photo)

Photo Tag Example 2


Tag2 tagged


If your local riding community doesn’t have a Photo Tag thread rolling already, go and start one!  Set some boundaries, and some guidelines, like new tags must be posted within 24 hours of the found tag, and if a tag isn’t found within 48 hours you most post 1 hint each day until it is found.  Have fun with it, and get out and find some cool new ride/location!

Example of new photo tag