Evotech Radiator Guard Install

Not much to the kit, but it looks nice, and no shipping damage:

Evotech Radiator Guard Kit

Note that Evotech also has instructions here, and according to them you only need to remove the left side plastics:

I’m going to show you how to remove both sides.
(1) under the front of the nose, remove the 4 push pin clips (each side) holding the front under fairing to the side fairings (2 top front, 1 top rear, 1 bottom):
Fairing 1

(1a) Here’s what the clips look like when you’ve got them out, then when ready to put back in:
Fairings 2

Fairings 3

(2) Pop the two clips holding the chin fairing together (These clips need a flat head screw driver to pull the center pin part way out of the main body, see next 2 pics):
Fairings 4

Fairings 5

(3) Pull the 4 screws from the dash panel, then raise the windscreen to the highest position, and press down gently on the top of the dash panel so the clips unhook and you can remove the dash panel. (This gives you a bit of a view of the inside portion of the clips at step 8) *note: Don’t use threadlocker when you reinstall these*:
Fairings 6
dash removal

(4) On the right side fairing, pull this top bolt, then the bottom bolt on the chin fairing, then the exhaust guard bolt:
Fairings 7

Fairings 8

Fairings 9

(5) On the left side fairing pull this top bolt and these 2 bottom bolts:
Fairings 10

Fairings 11

Fairings 12

(6) Take a break… go to your happy place…find your zen. (It’s about to get frustrating)

(7) There are 3 rubber grommets, and 2 plastic clips still holding the fairings on for each side. You should be able to gently pull the fairing straight out starting from the rear bottom first and then up at the tank there are 2 rubber grommets and pins:
Fairings 13

Fairings 14

(8) Now the clips from hell are holding the front under the dash. *Gently* pull the fairing straight back towards the back of the bike about 1/2 of an inch and then wiggle the fairing down and it will eventually pop loose. Below are pics of the 2 slots in the fairing and 2 clips you’re trying to release (I still ended up breaking 1 of my left clips). There is also a couple clips on the fairing itself, that lock into the fairing at the tip:
Fairings 15

Fairings 16

Fairings tip tabs

Fairing tip slot

(9) With the fairings off, you can easily remove the top left bolt, and bottom bolt from the radiator mounts. Then carefully slide the Evotech guard over the top right pin (no bolt here), reinstall the bolts, and if you want add a couple strips of the foam on the bottom corners (In between the guard and the radiator with the sticky side on the guard):
Evotech 1

Evotech 2

Evotech 3

Evotech Foam

(10) Evotech Radiator Guard is installed! Reinstall your fairings over your now protected cooling buddy!
Evotech Radiator Guard installed 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS

A couple of reassembly tips:
-Reconnect turn signal wires before mounting plastics
-Double check that the front 4 slider locks all caught and your plastics are aligned on the nose before screwing plastics in.

Note: I would suggest anytime you’re puting a bolt or screw back in your bike that you use a serviceable threadlocker (Purple or Blue), which helps keep them from vibrating loose (unless they are rubber mounted, like the dash screws). **Don’t use Red threadlocker, as that is not the easily serviceable kind**:

Serviceable thread locker