This is a quick picture write up for the install of these ebay Mirror Extenders Spacers from Cycle Machine Works on a 2014 Ninja 1000.

Mirror Spacer 1

I got spoiled by the big wide mirrors on my FJR 1300, and especially by the bar-end Napoleon mirrors of my SV650. So with the Ninja 1000, I simply can’t see when a car or bike is directly behind me, without doing this big arm tuck, shoulder move lean to try and peek behind me. I’m hoping these spacers will push the mirrors out a bit further so I don’t have to be as much of a contortionist. I placed my ladder behind my bike, so I could get a bit of an idea of the improvement from these while still in my garage (the weather is pretty crap now, so a riding evaluation will have to wait). Just past my elbow, you can see the edge of the ladder and the start of the silver rungs…and this would represent the front fender of a car directly behind me:

Mirror Spacer 2

(1) Remove the 4 dash screws with the appropriate hex wrench:
Mirror Spacer 3

(2) Raise the windscreen to the highest position, and press down gently on the top of the dash panel so the clips unhook and you can remove the dash panel:
Mirror Spacer 3b

(3) The 2 10mm nuts holding the mirror stem are under here. (Oh yeah, and you can see there are rubber grommets that hold those dash screws in…so do yourself a favor and *don’t* use threadlocker on these. Don’t ask me how I know):
Mirror Spacer 4
Mirror Spacer 4a

(4) With the mirror removed, it is time to put some stilts on it. Put a couple dabs of threadlocker on the studs, and screw the new studs up and tighten them with your 10mm wrench. (You may need a precision adjustment tool to slide the Delrin spacer on over the studs):
Mirror Spacer 5
Mirror Spacer 5a
Mirror Spacer 5b

(5) Yep, looks like I’ve got some nice platform shoes from the 70’s. (feel the funk):
Mirror Spacer 6

(6) Here is the end result with as best of a before and after side by side that I could do. You can see the change is subtle:
Mirror Spacer 7

This was one of the cheaper mods available for the mirrors, and does seem like a stable good design, and doesn’t look horrible (though is noticeable). I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve had some riding time with them. For now, I consider this a simple mod, and worth the little money and effort it took.