It’s important if you do your own maintenance to adhere to the designed torque specifications for the various bolts and nuts that keep your motorcycle held together.  Many of us do-it-yourself mechanics have at times used the tried and true method of tightening items by “feel”.  Depending on the amount of primate ancestry in your DNA, you’ve also either:

  • Missed the mark in tightening those 95 ft-lb bolts because of your weenie Monkey arms and low leverage open-end wrench


  • You’ve twisted the heads right off the butter soft bolts that called for 24 in-lbs of torque from your Gorilla strength and premise that “tighter is better”


Well you owe it to yourself to pick up a couple of legit torque wrenches and follow the manufacturer’s torque specifications from the Service Manual for the Ninja 1000 ABS.  The “CDI 1002MFRMH 3/8-Inch Drive Metal Handle Click Type Torque Wrench” has great leverage and the superior “click type” mechanism to let you know when you’ve reached the proper torque, as well as the 3/8-inch drive which is most suitable for the bolt head sizes you will be torquing between 10-100 foot-pounds.  You will also need a smaller torque wrench for inch-pound bolts and nuts, and this TEKTON 24320 1/4-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench fits the bill perfectly.


With the proper equipment in hand, you can utilize the screenshots from the Ninja 1000 ABS Service Manual I’ve snapped below to determine what torque level is needed for which bolts.  (Pay attention to whether it calls for “in-lb” which means the number is in “Inch-Pounds”, not “Foot-Pounds”, and also watch for the notes regarding use of thread locker, grease, or special torquing combinations):


Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 1

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 2

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 3

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 4

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 5

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 6

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 7

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 8

Ninja 1000 Torque Specs, Page 9