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This is the 3rd and final part of 10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Motorcycle Riding, where we wrap up our commentary on motorcycle riding and talk a bit about the crazy motorcycle culture you may not be aware of if you don’t yet ride a motorcycle.


  1. Motorcycle Voodoo: There’s an awful lot of “mystery” when it comes to riding motorcycles and motorcycle maintenance. Likewise there is often what seems like “voodoo” or “mojo” when it comes to topics like:  Motorcycle riding techniques, Law enforcement, and other drivers.

nyc road rage incident

This is part 2 of part of 10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Motorcycle Riding, where we continue our commentary on motorcycle riding and everything involved with that which you may not realize if you don’t yet ride a motorcycle.

  1. Automobile Drivers: Many of us are familiar with unfortunate sensational incidents like that pictured above (where a group of bikers in New York City harassed a family in an SUV until the driver panicked, and sped off hitting and injuring one of the bikers, only to later get pulled from his vehicle and beaten by some of those now angered bikers).

monkey butt powder

This post is about the odd, funny, dangerous, and mundane things that you begin to discover about motorcycle riding, which you probably didn’t realize before you started riding.  Motorcycle riding obviously has risks and stereotypes which the general public are aware of, but it also has a culture and long set of unspoken rules and opinions that you don’t understand until you start riding yourself.  There are the simpler inconveniences, ranging from something like the effect of wind/helmet fatigue on your neck muscles from a long ride, to something like this product called  Monkey Butt Powder which some riders use on long rides to avoid…well…”monkey butt”.

Panoramic Sport Bike Ride

Sport Riding Group Pace Level Guide

When setting up public group rides, it is important to note what kind of “pace” you will be running. By accurately describing the speed or “pace” you will be running, it will help others decide if they want to join your ride. Unfortunately many either do not list a pace at all, or use generic terms like “moderate”, “spirited”, or “medium”, which isn’t really that helpful to those that haven’t ridden with that person before, since there is simply too much room for interpretation. Many experienced riders don’t list a pace for various reasons that I’ve heard:

Group Ride


This is the final part of the 3 part series on Group Riding Guidelines and Tips.  The first two parts are here:

Group Riding Guidelines and Tips – Part 1
Group Riding Guidelines and Tips – Part 2

This time we finish up with specific tips for the various group member levels of experience.   Please feel free to comment and share your own tips!

Newbie Group Member
Intermediate Group Member
Experienced Group Member


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