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Last month  I posted Group Riding Guidelines and Tips – Part 1.  This time we continue with specific tips for the Ride Leader and Ride Sweep roles:

Ride Leader
Ride Sweep
Diatribe Against “Ride Your Own Ride”


Ride Leader  – If you have invited others to participate in a ride you are leading, then you are responsible for the group.   Leadership is about influencing others, to both aid them, as well as get their support in successfully completing a task.  In this case you are the Group Ride Leader, so your role is to aid the group and use your knowledge, skills, and social influence to get the group’s support in completing the ride successfully.  You cannot discharge your responsibility for your group by simply saying to everyone “Thanks for showing up, ride your own ride”!

Group Pre-ride Meeting

                Group riding can be a great way to meet fellow riders, learn new riding techniques and tips, learn new roads and routes, and just plain have fun on a motorcycle.  Motorcycles are an interesting hobby, as they are obviously a very solitary mode of transportation, however, much of the fun of riding comes from sharing the uniqueness of the experience with others who understand your passion.  In this article I’m going to go over some guidelines and tips for group riding, and while there are no hard and fast rules about riding in a group, there are some guidelines that can be followed to make it a better experience for everyone.  Whether you’re considering going on your first group ride, or an experienced group rider planning to lead your own ride, you should find something interesting in this article.

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