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Mystery SiDI boot

Next to a helmet, proper motorcycle boots are arguably the second most important piece of protection gear (not counting a back-protector).   If I were new to riding and strapped for cash, I would get an inexpensive helmet that was Snell/DOT approved, a basic textile jacket or used leather jacket (that included a decent back pad or back protector), inexpensive gloves, thick jeans, and spend the majority of my cash on good quality boots.  Seriously, there are many fragile bones and ligaments in our ankles and feet that are in an excellent location to get crushed, ripped, and torn off by even a relatively minor motorcycle crash if you aren’t wearing the proper boots.    In this article I’ll go over the various boots that I’ve used, and show you what I think may just be the perfect motorcycle boot for sport street / trackday riding!

Sounding almost disappointed she says “I guess this is the one.”

“Why that one and not the other?” I ask.

“The other one is just too flashy and girly.”

“But you are a girl!”

“Yeah but I don’t need to advertise that to everyone!  Plus it’s just too…pink!”

“Ok.  Well that is a nice jacket even if it’s a bit plain.  It looks to be well constructed, has good venting and protective elements.  I think either are a great choice.”

Looking at the jacket again she says “Yeah, I just wish it had a little something to it.”

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I’ve been interested in finding some good headphones for use on my motorcycle for a while now, but have found there are just so many options out there that it’s often hard to determine what to purchase.  Furthermore, the fit of the earbud style headphones is so critical to good sound quality, that what might be awesome for one person will sound like crap to another person.  That’s why I’ve decided to do this earbud shootout, so that I can directly compare several sets of earbuds against each other and determine what would work best for my needs.  Those needs are specifically:  Sound Isolation, ability to retain sound quality at higher volumes, and a good fit and function inside a motorcycle helmet.  Finally, since these headphones are going to see lots of use and abuse going in and out of my ears, and in and out of pockets a lot, there is a high probability of wire damage over time.  Due to this likelihood I also evaluated projected durability, and kept all headphone prices around $50 purchase price so that they could be economically replaced in the future.

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