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Group Pre-ride Meeting

                Group riding can be a great way to meet fellow riders, learn new riding techniques and tips, learn new roads and routes, and just plain have fun on a motorcycle.  Motorcycles are an interesting hobby, as they are obviously a very solitary mode of transportation, however, much of the fun of riding comes from sharing the uniqueness of the experience with others who understand your passion.  In this article I’m going to go over some guidelines and tips for group riding, and while there are no hard and fast rules about riding in a group, there are some guidelines that can be followed to make it a better experience for everyone.  Whether you’re considering going on your first group ride, or an experienced group rider planning to lead your own ride, you should find something interesting in this article.

What is Photo Tag?

“Photo Tag” is a game of sorts, where one person takes a picture of a location with their motorcycle, and you have to figure out where that location is, ride out there and take a picture of the same location with your motorcycle.  Then you get to pick the next location to tag.  Since these posting of pictures and communications with a community of riders needs to happen online, they are normally part of a community forum.  These are also done by some motorcycling clubs, and used to use actual photos and bulletin boards.  Here’s an example:




Track Days At P.I.R and O.R.P.

So you’re interested in doing a trackday at Portland International Raceway and Oregon Raceway Park?It’s a great way to test your bike and improve your skills, and there are several organizations in the Portland metro area that work with PIR and ORP to provide trackdays. Each organization has their own rules, requirements and fees, so I’ve listed them below for your convenience. Suffice it to say that for roughly 200 bucks, you will experience an exhausting day of excitement, skills improvement and incredible fun!


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So you want to learn to ride a motorcycle…

Maybe you’ve just finished one of the books on the topic of rising oil and gas prices and think it’s time to look into a more economical means of transportation.  Perhaps you’ve just finished watching Mad Max The Road Warrior on Blu-ray and figure you’ll have the best chance for apocolyptic survival if you can ride a Kawasaki Z1000 (But please don’t lock the rear brake at high speed mmmkay)?  Perhaps, like me, you have gotten hooked on the idea by a great documentary series like: Long Way Round. Or maybe for any of a number of reasons you’ve decided you’re ready!  You yearn to experience the freedom of travel, the excitement of speed, and the bonds of friendship that motorcycling can bring:

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