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It’s important if you do your own maintenance to adhere to the designed torque specifications for the various bolts and nuts that keep your motorcycle held together.  Many of us do-it-yourself mechanics have at times used the tried and true method of tightening items by “feel”.  Depending on the amount of primate ancestry in your DNA, you’ve also either:

  • Missed the mark in tightening those 95 ft-lb bolts because of your weenie Monkey arms and low leverage open-end wrench


  • You’ve twisted the heads right off the butter soft bolts that called for 24 in-lbs of torque from your Gorilla strength and premise that “tighter is better”

With a new set of tires ready for mounting, it’s time to take the wheels off the 2014 Ninja 1000!

pilot road 4 and pilot power 3


The Service Manual has you do a bunch of steps which really aren’t needed (though a couple of them may make reinstall easier but is more work overall). Most of this can be done with the tools in your kit under the passenger seat, except for pliers to get the rear clips off and a 14mm hex wrench for the front axle. This is just about the minimum number of steps needed to get your wheels off and reinstalled on the 2014 Ninja 1000…

Firstly, know that your owner’s manual has information regarding oil and the oil change procedure in pages 114 to 118.  If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual you can download the .pdf version for free here:  2014 Ninja 1000 ABS Owner’s Manual Link

ninja manual

Your first oil and filter change is scheduled to take place at 600 miles.

Secondly, there are a ton of threads on every motorcycle and car forum about oil and oil filter choices.  Everyone has their opinions.  My dad was known to say:  “Opinions are like assholes:  Everybody has one, and they all stink!”

This is a quick picture write up for the install of these ebay Mirror Extenders Spacers from Cycle Machine Works on a 2014 Ninja 1000.

Mirror Spacer 1

Evotech Radiator Guard Install

Not much to the kit, but it looks nice, and no shipping damage:

Evotech Radiator Guard Kit

Note that Evotech also has instructions here, and according to them you only need to remove the left side plastics:

I’m going to show you how to remove both sides.
(1) under the front of the nose, remove the 4 push pin clips (each side) holding the front under fairing to the side fairings (2 top front, 1 top rear, 1 bottom):
Fairing 1

(1a) Here’s what the clips look like when you’ve got them out, then when ready to put back in:
Fairings 2

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