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Firstly, know that your owner’s manual has information regarding oil and the oil change procedure in pages 114 to 118.  If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual you can download the .pdf version for free here:  2014 Ninja 1000 ABS Owner’s Manual Link

ninja manual

Your first oil and filter change is scheduled to take place at 600 miles.

Secondly, there are a ton of threads on every motorcycle and car forum about oil and oil filter choices.  Everyone has their opinions.  My dad was known to say:  “Opinions are like assholes:  Everybody has one, and they all stink!”


There’s nothing quite as nerve wracking, frustrating, and ultimately satisfying as completing a big ticket purchase.  Whether that’s the purchase of a house, a car, or even a motorcycle.  In this article I’m going to offer you some tips for getting to that finish line faster and with more money left in your pocket, for getting out and enjoying your new ride!

Mystery SiDI boot

Next to a helmet, proper motorcycle boots are arguably the second most important piece of protection gear (not counting a back-protector).   If I were new to riding and strapped for cash, I would get an inexpensive helmet that was Snell/DOT approved, a basic textile jacket or used leather jacket (that included a decent back pad or back protector), inexpensive gloves, thick jeans, and spend the majority of my cash on good quality boots.  Seriously, there are many fragile bones and ligaments in our ankles and feet that are in an excellent location to get crushed, ripped, and torn off by even a relatively minor motorcycle crash if you aren’t wearing the proper boots.    In this article I’ll go over the various boots that I’ve used, and show you what I think may just be the perfect motorcycle boot for sport street / trackday riding!

Washing Your Street Bike

Washed bike example

Do people really need to be instructed on how to wash their motorcycles?  While I’m not going to bother giving a step by step breakdown of how to wash your street bike, I do want to provide some tips I’ve picked up and read about.


What not to do:

Don’t wash your bike right after a ride, or while it is still hot.  (Some parts of the bike can stay very hot, and can be damaged by the sudden temperature shift of cold water hitting them)

Sounding almost disappointed she says “I guess this is the one.”

“Why that one and not the other?” I ask.

“The other one is just too flashy and girly.”

“But you are a girl!”

“Yeah but I don’t need to advertise that to everyone!  Plus it’s just too…pink!”

“Ok.  Well that is a nice jacket even if it’s a bit plain.  It looks to be well constructed, has good venting and protective elements.  I think either are a great choice.”

Looking at the jacket again she says “Yeah, I just wish it had a little something to it.”

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