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What is Photo Tag?

“Photo Tag” is a game of sorts, where one person takes a picture of a location with their motorcycle, and you have to figure out where that location is, ride out there and take a picture of the same location with your motorcycle.  Then you get to pick the next location to tag.  Since these posting of pictures and communications with a community of riders needs to happen online, they are normally part of a community forum.  These are also done by some motorcycling clubs, and used to use actual photos and bulletin boards.  Here’s an example:


August 2011 Oregon Trip – Day 3

“Ugh…so sore…”

Day 3 started slowly, as every fiber of muscle tissue in my legs and upper back pleaded for me to not get up, even though I’d slept for nearly 10 hours!  Yesterday was a fun day of riding, but totally wiped me out.  I finally managed to get up and get to the shower (though my shuffling looked remarkably similar to some old Tim Conway skit).

August 2011 Oregon Trip – Day 2

The GenieBra!

You know you’re on a wondrous motorcycle trip when you’ve just spent the last hour mesmerized by a GenieBra infomercial in your Best Western hotel room at 4 in the morning.

I managed to fall back asleep for a bit, and got up in time to find myself disappointed by the “continental breakfast”.  Let’s see:  Coffee, fake creamers, bagels and Eggos with those little fake butter pats and Log Cabin syrup with mini Sunny Delight bottles for the kids.  Really?  I had to Wiki what a continental breakfast should be…holy crap…fruit?  Sliced meats? And cheeses? Brioche? (I don’t even know what the hell that is, but it sounds way better than Eggo).

August 2011 Oregon Trip – Day 1

The day started off slower than I had hoped, as I was dragging after not sleeping that great.  However, today also starts my week of vacation, so I’m taking the good with the bad.  I finally got motivating around 8ish, showered, and took the truck to get some “Sammy’s Scramble” from ol’ Reedville Cafe and paid my tithing’s to the Church of Starbucks with a Grande Iced Mocha.  I got back home, finished up my homework for CIS 120, and started packing up the bike.

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