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This post is about the odd, funny, dangerous, and mundane things that you begin to discover about motorcycle riding, which you probably didn’t realize before you started riding.  Motorcycle riding obviously has risks and stereotypes which the general public are aware of, but it also has a culture and long set of unspoken rules and opinions that you don’t understand until you start riding yourself.  There are the simpler inconveniences, ranging from something like the effect of wind/helmet fatigue on your neck muscles from a long ride, to something like this product called  Monkey Butt Powder which some riders use on long rides to avoid…well…”monkey butt”.

Panoramic Sport Bike Ride

Sport Riding Group Pace Level Guide

When setting up public group rides, it is important to note what kind of “pace” you will be running. By accurately describing the speed or “pace” you will be running, it will help others decide if they want to join your ride. Unfortunately many either do not list a pace at all, or use generic terms like “moderate”, “spirited”, or “medium”, which isn’t really that helpful to those that haven’t ridden with that person before, since there is simply too much room for interpretation. Many experienced riders don’t list a pace for various reasons that I’ve heard:

Someone may hear “Doc Wong Clinic”, and think of a small group of embarrassed patrons getting treated for their STD with some ancient Asian remedy. However, in this case you’ll actually be going to the clinic to get your STD! That’s right, Doc Wong Northwest is all about Sport-riding Technique Development (or STD for short)!  (snicker)


doc wong northwest route

The original Doc Wong Street Riding Clinic was founded about 22 years ago by Chiropractor Dr. Harry Wong, in California, and promotes education of riders using techniques developed by Keith Code. You can find out more about the original riding clinic here:

Firstly, know that your owner’s manual has information regarding oil and the oil change procedure in pages 114 to 118.  If you’ve misplaced your owner’s manual you can download the .pdf version for free here:  2014 Ninja 1000 ABS Owner’s Manual Link

ninja manual

Your first oil and filter change is scheduled to take place at 600 miles.

Secondly, there are a ton of threads on every motorcycle and car forum about oil and oil filter choices.  Everyone has their opinions.  My dad was known to say:  “Opinions are like assholes:  Everybody has one, and they all stink!”

Volunteering at the Race Track

I’ve seen our local Portland International Raceway, OMRRA volunteer organizer “Blinky” post on our local forums for the past several years, encouraging folks to go out and volunteer at the track to help out the racers.  I’ve always thought it would be cool, but wasn’t really sure how it would work or what it took to be qualified.  Well this post is about my experience volunteering as a corner worker on the outside of turn 3 for the first day of OMRRA races on 4/12/2014.

pir map

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